Friday, April 02, 2010

Johnny Weir at Ice Dreams 2010

We were lucky to see Johnny Weir skate in the Cutie's Ice Dreams 2010 show. He has been my obsession these past few months, ever since I saw him skate in the Olympics. One of the fans made a bunch of "We love Johnny Weir" buttons and she gave me one.

Dorothy Hamill was there too, but she was the host so she didn't perform. As the show started, all the skaters came out one at a time and did a short mini-routine. And each skater was better than the previous one so I was excited that the people were really good and entertaining. After quite a few of them came out we noticed a guy wearing a silverish mesh top with HUGE shoulder pads. They were full and kinda see through. Yup, that was Johnny Weir. We were all so excited when we realized it was him! But that was just a little intro and he was off the ice before we knew it.

Several skaters then did their thing. They each did full routines and there wasn't one that was disappointing. One guy, Dan Hollander, dresses up in costumes and he was actually really funny. There was also another Vancouver 2010 Olympian, Rachael Flatt, and she was really good too. I was watching the doorway where they entered the ice and I saw sparkles. I saw lots of sparkles. And the next skater up was Johnny Weir! We weren't expecting this because it was still early in the show.

There was a cute exchange between him and Dorothy Hamill. She was still introducing him and he just walked over to her and gave her a hug and stuff. Then he stood there and waved to everyone. I wonder if he's ever met her before... it seemed like he was kinda honoring her a bit. He skated to a Russian composition called "I Will Never Forget You" and he dedicated his skate to the families who lost loved ones in the recent tragedies in Moscow.

By the way, a "cutie" is a Mandarin Orange. Who knew? Oh, and I discovered it's REALLY hard to take pictures of ice skaters. So I decided to take a videos of Johnny skating.

One of the nice things about this show is that they combined all these performances of Olympic skaters with local talent. So there were also kids skating and they were so adorable. They were good too!

Johnny did perform a second number. And this was the one he tweeted about and the reason I bought the ticket. He skated a new routine to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance". I loved it! And he wore a fabulous new costume too. It was black and had a huge gold collar up one side - very Gaga. There were little feathers for a tutu kinda thing of the back too. It's really cool.

We didn't hang around to see if we could get pictures or autographs. I heard you could pay $100+ to do a meet and greet with him but I'm not sure if that's true. He seems so nice. He hung out on the ice signing autographs and taking pictures anyways.

Also, he had some camera following him around (off ice) that we could see, so I'm hoping it's for a second season of Be Good Johnny Weir. So maybe we'll get to see a professionally filmed version that routine sometime too. Maybe even some of his experiences at this same show!

See a few other pictures here. And professional pictures here. And official Cutie's photos posted on their facebook page here.

Love is all around you...

- Rachel

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